About Me


I  know Natasha Spivack for more than 10 years now. I introduced my sister Svetlana to Encounters International, when she visited me in 1996. Since that time I'm so grateful to Natasha that she changed my sister's life, and now Svetlana has a lovely family. Her husband Frank has his own two kids Alexa and Frankie and now two more with Svetlana: Niki, six years old and Vlady, five years old. For a long time they were living in Delaware, and now Frank found a good job abroad so they moved for a couple of years out of the States. Since 2005 Hardy family living in United Arab Emirates. Frank works as a pilot for Emirates and Svetlana happy to give all her time to kids and her husband.

My family and I are living in Maryland since 1995. We won a Green Card in a lottery and were lucky to come and live in the United States. I'm working  as a Web Application Developer in Rockville. Herbs, Jewelry design and painting are my hobbies, which I would like to have forever.

Couple pictures of Svetlana's family:


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